How To Easily Add New WhatsApp Group Participant without First Saving to Contact List

Like I stated in my Welcome post, this blog is going to be mostly about me sharing even the thinnest knowledge out to the world. Sometimes it might seem very basic but yet, there’s someone out there who doesn’t know. So by now, if you’re thinking a large percentage of the posts on this blog will be “how to’s” then I can’t agree less.

Now to the business of the day, how to get add numbers to your WhatsApp groups without adding them up to your contact list.

There’s no trick attached, it’s just utilising a feature that the Facebook-owned instant messaging app recently made available. I for one have always despised the fact that I have to save every mobile number I wish to add to any of the WhatsApp groups I’m an admin of after which the saved number becomes as ageless as anything.

The simple procedure is using the “Invite by Link” feature which is shown when you try to add a new contact to the group, which on WhatsApp for Android it is,

App Menu -> Group Info -> Add Participant -> Invite to Group via Link

Just like below….

So instead of having to go through the stress of creating a new phone contact entry for every user you want to add to any group you can easily send them a link which when they click.

There’s a drawback though, you giving someone your invite link means they can enter and exit at will without you having to approve first and if it happens you have someone kicked out completely, this becomes a problem. But fret not, WhatsApp’s got you covered as you can revoke a link thereby rendering it useless.

How to Revoke a WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Simply return to the screen where you obtained the group invite link, click on “Revoke Link“, then you’ll receive a prompt warning that the link will become unusable afterwards. After you confirm your action, you’ll get a info that a new link has been generated as shown below.

WhatsApp can be a very handy tool when you want to chat to multiple friends at once.

But let’s say you’ve set up a group with three or more people and you realise you want to add someone else.

If you are an administrator of that group – which you will be automatically if you created it – you can add people to that existing group pretty easily.

Alternatively the original administrator can add other administrators by selecting them on the group page accessed by selecting the group name in the chat window.

Those admins can then add new group members to the fun and games as well.

Once you are an admin, adding members is simple. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go into Whatsapp.
  • Tap the group in which you need to add members.
  • Tap the area at the top of the chat, the section in which the group name appears.
  • Scroll down and click the Add Participants option.

After that, you will be given two options. The first is to Invite to group via link, while the second option is to choose directly from your contact list the members you want to add.

If you select the second option, the person you tap on your contacts list will be automatically added to the group.

But if you pick the first option, if you click “invite to group via link”, you will be given multiple options:

  • Send link via WhatsApp – the quickest option if they are using WhatsApp.
  • Copy Link – to save the link or message it to them by pasting it on any platform (including WhatsApp).
  • Share link – to share it straight to an email app or social media.
  • Revoke link – to render the link you’ve just created obsolete, meaning it can no longer be used, and create a new one instantly.

There you have it! Your humble WhatsApp group is now itching to become an empire.

So there you have it, WhatsApp Group Addition made easy.

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